The gardens offers much information about growing plants in a coastal environment.

The most sheltered garden at Cluain na dTor is surrounded by sycamore, ash and elm. Its more akin to a clearing in a jungle rather than what
the visitor might expect to see in the wilds of Donegal. Seamus is an avid collector and is constantly introducing new exotics. The planted
borders are intensely rich in rare and unusual plants. Interesting associations include Tetrapanax, Baloskion tetrathyllum (Restio from Australia), Dicksonias, Cannas, Arbutus, Musas, & Hedychiums. The strength of the exotic planting comes to the fore when summer progresses into Autumn.

There tends to be a late growing season in Donegal and Seamus has designed his garden and chosen his plants to take full advantage of this

of Cluain na dTor.

Lysimachia Autumn Snow with Aster Monch Agapanthus with mounds of Stipa Pony Tails and the taller plumes of Chionochloa conspicua Astilbe chinensis and Thalictrum
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Cautleya spicata Robusta Leaf of Musa Ensete Maurelli with silhouette Isoplexus canariensis
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