A good garden can be made even on the most windswept site provided suitable plants are chosen. It will probably comprise for the first few years at least, mostly trees and shrubs with hard, leathery, downy or grey leaves. With careful grouping of colours, textures and shapes striking
effects can be obtained. The garden will fit into the landscape, and later on, when the shelter becomes more established, theres a much bigger choice to introduce less hardy plants.

Cluain na dTor can offer advice and work out your own personal plant list consisting of species that you know will thrive in your garden. It's best to consider first what style of garden you'd like, whether it be formal, wild, mediteranean, exotic, cottage ETC. Then just email us your ideas, pick up the 'phone or drop in for a chat if you're in the area.

We can arrange a visit and discuss with you what your aspirations or problems are and help find the best ways of achieving or solving them for
you. If you wish we can supply a written report of what we have discussed along with a list of suggested plants suitable for your garden.

EXAMPLES of our garden design.

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